Color Deconstruction #4 – Fall Pumpkin Spice

By WaLynda Thompson | colordeconstruction

Oct 17

Color Deconstruction # 3  -  Fruity Sensations

I love great packaging design.  If you've been to any well stocked Starbucks store I am sure you have noted Starbucks is great at packaging. From the coffee packages to the mugs and cups they always have customers wanting to pickup something more than just a cup of coffee.

We deconstructed the color palette. This palette gives off a fall feel with the orange hues. The more dominate lighter orange hues brings a fun and playful feel. This package features the staple green Starbucks logo which pairs quite nicely with this fall theme design. It goes so well we include it in the palette.

What do you think of this color palette?

If you love these colors here's some info. Also go ahead and download this color palette image using the button below.

Color Palette Codes From Left To Right.

#df6745, #ffc585, #feb990, #ecdbc7, #003824

Thanks for joining us on this "Color Deconstruction Series" post. In these series we give you some eye candy and then break down the colors that make it pop. We use similar color techniques when working with clients to get that unique look that fits perfectly for their brand.



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