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WaLynda Thompson
Digital Marketing Strategist
CEO of Web Monster Marketing LLC

Why should all the big boys ( huge corporations) have all the fun. The internet levels the playing field for your business. Why not take full advantage of it by having an online marketing expert in your corner.”

Why you need an effective online presence plain and simple?

Millions of people have turned to internet to search for businesses. Many people are looking online for businesses just like yours. If your business is not showing up when they are searching, your competitors are getting business that could be your. Your business must be properly positioned on the internet. You want to be in front of all the people with their wallets and purses out searching the internet for a business like yours. Time is of the essence. You need an expert to strategically place you ahead of your competitors and in front of paying customers. That’s where we come in!

We have invested in the complex systems, technology and research to provide our clients with a cutting edge & profitable online marketing presence.

Our mission is clear and straightforward.

  1. Increase sales profits for your business with current customers through laser targeted follow-up and automatic referral systems.
  2. Generate new leads that are “Ready to Buy” and are currently searching for businesses like yours on the internet.
  3. Increase the overall profits for your business by strategically perfecting the lead generation and follow-up sales process for your business.

How can we put your business in front of targeted leads for increased profits?

We customized online marketing systems. We research and pinpoint solutions that work for your business 24 hours a day to produce maximum profits.

We do not use cookie cutter options. Although many services and products may be similar, each business is unique. We sit down and talk with you about your business to help you get a very clear and precise blueprint of what online marketing options will generate the most increases in profit.

What services types do we offer to get the job done?

We provide customized tailored profit generating solutions for your unique business. Below are a few of the services solutions we are capable of providing.

  • Develop or re-optimize your company website for higher sales converting traffic.
  • Effective Autoresponse Sequence Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Highly visible and referral driven Facebook Pages.
  • Website/Brand Placement services that put you in front of the people searching for a business like yours on the web everyday.
  • Cutting-edge Mobile Marketing techniques.
  • High ROI Video Marketing Production.
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns the put you out in front of your competitors.

What we do not offer!

We DO NOT Offer websites that just sit and look pretty.

We are web marketing “Experts”, not makers of pretty little online billboards that don’t make you any money.

We are sorry that people still pay a pretty penny to a web designer for a site that just sits there. If a website does not help facilitate sales there is no point in paying for it. “Plain and simple.” We can help get your website increasing your bottom line.

We DO NOT Offer Time Wasting Social Medial Campaigns.

Social media can be “Extremely” powerful and an excellent profit generator “if” done correctly. Unfortunately many business owners are running around like chickens with their heads cut-off trying to manage their failing social media marketing efforts. We offer fully managed profit focused social media campaigns for clients. We are sure you can agree that business owners should be managing their business and not how many comments they got on their Facebook posts.

We DO NOT leave you hanging?

Our clients know that they can contact us and we will respond. Many times our clients thank us for being there for them like no other company has. It used to surprise us. However by now we have heard the sad stories so many times. Many new clients have had basic website work done for them in the past. Unfortunately when they desperately have had questions about their site or needed crucial upgrades their “web design person” was no where to be found. Good news. We are a full service internet marketing company. With over 10 years of online marketing expertise, we are ready to assist you in generating more profits in your business for the “long haul”.

Wondering how to get started?

We make it easy for you.

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